Add a network file share to Search 8

In addition to your local files, X1 Search 8 is capable of indexing remote content stored on your network, such as  mapped Network Drives and Network Shares.

To enable indexing of either Mapped Network Drives or Network Shares, please follow the steps below:

1. Please navigate to Menu>Data Sources

Menu - Data Sources.jpg


2. On the configure Data Sources menu, select the pencil icon corresponding to the Files source

Files - Edit.jpg


3. From the Files Options menu, select 'Add Network Path'



4. On the ‘Add Network Path screen, either browse to the folder structure or type the share path (UNC path) in  

     the following format: \\server\share\.



5. Click on the share in the Folder Selection List to expand the folder hierarchy, and enable the folders you  

     wish to index.


Please note: Indexing remote files over a network connection takes longer to index then local content. Additionally indexing network content impacts your network's bandwidth. As a best practice, you will probably want to limit the volume of data you index over the network. 

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