Basic Options

The Options Window is the central control for your X1 Professional Client experience. Navigate to the Options window by selecting Tools>Options.




This article addresses the Basic Options window, which you can navigate to by selecting Basic Options in the left hand window of the Options Window. Basic Options control launching the X1 Professional Client, as well as usage statisticsand error logging. Let’s take a look at each of these options. 


Show Splash Screen determines whether X1 Pro displays a welcome screen as the X1 Pro interface loads. The screen includes your X1 Professional Client version name and number, and loading status. 

Load X1 at startup option launches the Professional Client whenever you startup your computer.

Show X1 in the system tray displays an X1 logo in your system tray, and enables keyboard shortcut use.

Check for new version at startup allows you to take advantage of new versions and updates. By default, X1 Professional Client will check for new versions at startup.

Don't download pictures or other content in HTML email as described

Upload daily usage statistics captures how you use X1, such as quantity of items in index, as well as the types of searches, such as emails or files. It does not capture the content of your searches. The statistics are useful to our engineers so that they may better build subsequent versions.

Upload application failures automatically alerts our engineers when the Professional Client crashes as well as collect the necessary error and log information. 


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