How do I disable Windows Search?

We suggest X1 users disable Windows Search, preserving computer resources. To disable Windows Search for Windows XP/Vista/7 machines, please follow the steps below:


For XP Users:

Choose options A or B.


A. Turn off indexing of your hard drive.

  • Open "My Computer" and right-click on the hard drive (C:), and select "Disable Indexing". 
  • Select "Properties" in the Start Menu, navigate to the General tab, unselect the check box for "Allow Indexing Service". 
  • Click "Ok" and wait for the index removal process to complete--this may take a few minutes.

B. Disable Indexing Service in Windows XP

  • Control Panel > Administrator Tools > Services
  • Locate the Indexing Service and double-click to launch.
  • If the service status indicates, "Running", click Stop to immediately suspend the indexing service
  • Finish by navigating to Startup Type, and select Disabled to permanently disable the indexing service.  


For Vista and Windows 7 Users:

  • Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
  • Select the "Windows Search" service
  • Right-click on the "Windows Search" service, and select "Properties"
  • Properties > General tab, click the "Stop" button to halt the indexing service
  • Select "Disabled" from the Startup Type drop-down and click OK to accept the new settings


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