Introduction to X1 Support

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X1 Professional Client provides world class customer support, and offers many alternatives –from  a robust network of self service portals to live customer support - to solve technical questions or issues that may arise during your use of the X1 Professional Client. 




The X1 support portal: is your primary home for any X1 service issues, offering FAQs, an extensive Knowledge Base, Case Submission and Tracking, and User Forums to enhance your X1 experience.


Password: your password established at purchase


Forget your password? Please head here:

Want to change your password? Please log into the Support Portal, and click on the “Account Management” tab

Looking for your Registration Code? Simply log into your support portal: and click on the “Your Products” tab



  • X1 Forums: The online community where X1 employees, enterprise customers, and experienced individual users come together to solve common issues and discuss productivity improvement: We welcome your input, so please feel free to post questions, comments, or tips on your experience with the X1 Professional Client.

Request a Feature: If you have a feature request, or product suggestion, please let us know at:

If you encounter a technical issue with X1, and the self service resources above were unable to resolve the issue, you should log into your support portal. While there you can track your license information, as well as change the way X1 communicates with you.





How to Submit a Case: If you experience any issues with the X1 Professional Client, please login into your support portal and submit a case to our customer care team – they are standing by to help!

1. Login with your username/password (see above sign in)

2. Select the "Submit New Case" tab. Fill out the form and add any additional notes for error messages and other error behavior.


4. The X1 Diagnostic Tool is a lightweight utility that collects X1 log files and system configuration details which, help our Customer Care team troubleshoot issues.


5. Click “submit this case” button at the bottom of the page to send it to our support team


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