Reinstall or Upgrade X1 Professional Client

If you are experiencing problems with X1, you may need to perform a full uninstall of the software. However, please be aware that a full uninstall will not preserve your index or any of your settings. To perform a full uninstall of X1, please reference this Knowledge Base article: 

Below are the steps to uninstall the X1 Professional Client:

1. Close all open applications, especially email and X1 using File > Exit (verify that the X1.exe process is stopped via Task Manager)


2. Download the most current version of X1 by logging into your Support Portal account,, and clicking on the appropriate "Upgrade" link (lower, left-hand portion of the screen)

3. Double-click the downloaded .EXE file to reinstall/upgrade X1 
4. If you are not experiencing any problems then it is fine to respond "Yes" when prompted whether or not you would like to keep your current setting/preferences; otherwise, you should respond "No" 

Please note: Depending on the version of X1 from which you are upgrading, this upgrade may require your indexes to be rebuilt. You might want to wait until the end of your work day before installing to allow time for the indexes to build overnight without interrupting your use of the computer. 


After installing the upgrade, you will want to register the product to turn off the trial mode. To enter the registration code, open X1 and go to Help > Register Product, enter your code and click "Register".

Please Note: Administrative rights are required to install and register your X1 Professional Client 


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