Unable to Download X1

If you're using Internet Explorer, and you are able to download a partial file or you are unable to download at all, there are several possibilities: 

Possibility #1
You may have missed the popup bar appearing toward the top of your window. If it's there you'll need to click the popup bar and select "download file". 


Possibility #2
Otherwise, you may need to add X1.com to your "Trusted Sites" within Internet Explorer: 

1. Select the Gear in the upper right-hand corner, Choose "Internet Options"


2. Navigate to the Security tab, and select "Trust Sites" 


3. Click the "Sites" button, make sure our website, https://www.x1.com, the shopping cart, https://www.store.x1.com, or the trial download site, https://www.x1.com/forms/try-thank-you, are added as "Trusted Sites" so your browser can accept the download.  


4. Make sure the web address shows up in the "Websites" section, and Deselect "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone"


Please Note: If neither of these solutions seems to help, you may want to check your antivirus, antispyware or firewall settings which may be blocking access to your download. 


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