Full Indexing VS. Incremental

Incremental indexing is performed automatically as long as you have X1 set to index at either a regular interval (i.e. every 10 minutes) or once a day at a set time (i.e. 12:01 p.m.), and your computer is logged in to the corresponding user ID the scheduled index update.

You can manually force X1 to perform an incremental index update by clicking the "Index Now" button, located in the Manual Indexing section of the applicable Tools > Options menu


Let's start an index update for Outlook:

1. Click on Tools > Options


2. Select Outlook and click "Index Outlook Now"


Please Note:  Whether you are running the initial index of your system or an incremental index update, the progress indicator (lower, right-hand corner) will always move from 0% to 100% as X1 completes the required job. The end of the indexing cycle is indicated by the "Last Index update" in the Options menu. 


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