Configure/Restore X1 Search Tabs

The Searches Pane, see screenshot below, contains two sections, the Favorite Searches and All Searches sections. The Favorite Searches section defines the search tabs that are displayed in the X1 interface--known as the Favorites Toolbar--as well as the X1 Outlook Toolbar. 




X1 comes with a pre-defined set of search tabs which can be adjusted. You can add or remove tabs as well as change the order in which they appear on the favorites toolbar.



To adjust the tabs, please follow the steps below:

1. Display Searches Pane (if it's not already visible) by clicking on View > Searches Pane.


2. Remove search tabs from displaying horizontally across the top of X1 by right-clicking the search selecting Remove from Favorite Searches.


Add to Favorite Searches or click and drag a search from the All Searches to the Favorite Searches section.

To reorder the search tab list, click and drag items within the Favorite Searches section. This will re-arrange the order that the search tabs are displayed in the X1 interface.

                    Optional -- You can choose to hide the Searches Pane by clicking on View > Searches Pane

Please Note: Any changes that you make will affect both the tabs across the top of the X1 screen and the searches that appear on the X1 Outlook Toolbar (you may have to close and restart Outlook to see the changes).


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