Customize Post Search Actions Display

It is easy to add, remove, or rearrange the Post Search Actions (PSAs) displaying over your X1 Professional Client Preview Pane. First, we describe how to add and remove PSAs, then cover changing the order the PSAs appear. 

Add/Remove PSAs

1. Select the content source you wish to organize. The PSA customization only applies to the selected source.



2 Right click on the PSA Toolbar, located over the Preview Pane.



3. Select Customize, displaying the Customize Actions window, listing ’Available buttons’ and 'Selected buttons’


4. Highlight the PSA(s) you wish to add, then click >> to add to your  ‘Selected buttons’.

5. Verify that the PSA appears in the Selected buttons list, and click 'OK'.

6. To remove a PSA, select the PSA from the Selected buttons and click <<.

Change PSA Order

The Selected buttons menu also determines the order in which PSAs display. To change the order in which PSAs display, highlight the PSA you want to move, and use Move_Up.png to move the PSA up, and Move_Down.png to move the PSA down. 

The Selected buttons list displays PSAs with Top-Down=Left-Right. So, the PSA listed at the top of the Selected buttons list will be the farthest left PSA in your display.


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