"Error - click to try again" Displayed in Status Bar

The message "Error -- click to try again" indicates that the X1 scanner/indexer has run into a problem indexing an item and is unable to restart the indexing process.

You will need to determine which of the search types is causing the issue (files, email, contacts, calendar, tasks).

Go into each of the following options screens:

  •   Tools > Options > Files
  •   Tools > Options > Email > Outlook
  •   Tools > Options > Contacts > Outlook
  •   Tools > Options > Calendar > Outlook
  •   Tools > Options > Tasks > Outlook

One of the options screens will indicate that indexing is paused/stopped. Once you have identified which of the searches has been paused:

     1. Click the "Resume Indexing" button located in the Manual Indexing section.

     2. If indexing pauses again, click on the "Resume Indexing" button a second time.

     3. If indexing continues to pause, continue clicking "Resume Indexing".


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