When Registering X1, I Receive The Message, "Error with Registration"

The message, "Error with Registration" typically indicates one of these problems:

1. If you purchased X1 on or after March 31, 2009, then you have been issued a 16 digit registration code that will only function in X1 v6.2.4 or higher. Therefore, you need to download and install our most recent release. Here are the upgrade steps:
      (a.) Close Outlook and X1 using File > Exit (verify that the X1.exe process is stopped via Task Manager)
      (b.) Download X1 v6.2.4 (or higher) by logging into your X1 support portal, http://www.x1.com/support/portal/, account and clicking on the appropriate  

            "Upgrade" link located in the lower, left-hand corner

      (c.)  Reinstall X1
      (d.) If prompted to keep your current settings/preferences, respond "Yes"

Please note: This may require your indexes to be rebuilt. You may want to wait until the end of your work day before installing to allow time for the indexes to build overnight without interrupting your use of the computer.

     2. If you have a 16 character registration code, and you purchased between March 2008 and March 2009, the registration code will only function in X1 v6.2    

         (build 3591) or above. Therefore, if you have an older build of X1 (Help > About X1), you will need to upgrade before the registration code will be

         accepted. Please review this Knowledge Base article for upgrade instructions, http://a.tinyurl.com/283l2l.

     3. You are not logged into your computer as an administrator. X1 requires admin rights both to install the application as well as register the product.

          Please either log in as an admin or have someone with the appropriate permissions log in for you so the registration code can be entered.

     4. The registration code you are entering is incorrect. Please double-check to see that the code that you are entering matches the code provided to you,

          including the hyphens, and that there are no leading or trailing spaces.


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