I'm Receiving The Message, “Your Outlook configuration prevents scanning external PST files."

If you are receiving the message, “Your Outlook configuration prevents scanning external PST files. Please load PST files directly onto your default outlook profile” 

AND - you have installed and then uninstalled Outlook/Office 2007 (Office 12), then you may be experiencing the result of an incomplete uninstall of Outlook 2007. 

It's probable that you have a couple of rogue registry entries that are the cause of the problem. The keys are: 


To correct: 

     1. Close Outlook and X1 using File > Exit (verify that the X1.exe process is stopped via Task Manager) 
     2. Download this file: http://www.x1.com/cs/Outlook07.zip 
     3. Extract the downloaded zip file 
     4. Double-click the extracted Outlook07.bat file to run (this will make a backup copy of the registry entries, just in case,    

          and will then remove the entries) 

     5. Restart your computer 

After your computer restarts, launch Outlook and then X1 to see if you can now see your folder selection list. 


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