Transfer X1 from One Computer to Another

Please note that we do not support "moving" the X1 Professional Client and indexes from one computer to another. 

Instead, please uninstall X1 from your old computer and then reinstall X1 on your new computer with the following steps: 

On your old computer:


1. Close Outlook (or your email application) and X1 using File > Exit 

2. Verify that the X1.exe process is stopped via Task Manager 
3. Uninstall X1 using Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs 

On your new computer: 
1. Close all open programs 
2. Download the latest version of X1 by logging into your support portal,, account and clicking on the    
    applicable download link in the lower, left-hand corner (under the "Upgrades" section)


3. Reinstall X1 
Please Note: This will require a new index which may take substantial time to build depending on the amount of items to index.




If you have a current (i.e. valid) registration code, you should register/activate your copy of X1 by either:

1. During the installation wizard OR 2. after installing X1 by clicking on Help > Register Product



To locate your registration code, please refer to the purchase confirmation receipt email you received when ordering.If you cannot locate your purchase confirmation email, please log into your X1 support portal,, account and select Your Products.


There you should see a listing of your X1 purchases. Choose the most recent 16 digit code in the following format xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. Copy and paste the registration code into the field provided in either the Installation Wizard or the Register Product field within X1.


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