Adding Removable Media to your X1 Index

The X1 Professional Client supports removable media devices (i.e. USB, Firewire, Flash/Thumb drives, etc.).

Please Note: X1 is required to create a new folder called 'X1' and to write a small X1ID file within the X1 folder in order to index. The X1ID file provides a unique product identifier as well as an indicator as to whether the drive has been removed or not. If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, please read on.



Verify that X1 can access your device by trying the following:

1. Plug in (and turn on, if appropriate), your removable drive

2. Open X1 and click on Tools > Options > Files > Select Files To Scan


3a. In the Choose a folder section, check to see if your drive is listed, and if it is, select the folders/directories to be indexed....then, update your index.





3b. If your drive is not in the list, manually check to see if the X1 folder exists on your drive, and if it does, check within the X1 folder for the existence of the X1ID file. If either the folder or file do not exist, you will need to manually create it.

Here are the steps:

  • Create a new folder, immediately under the root of the removable device called:  "X1"
  • Download a ZIP file that we've created which contains a number of unique ID's.
  • Extract the ZIP and copy one of the X1ID files from one of the subdirectories (start with "Use this 1st" subdirectory) to the 'X1' folder that you just created on your removable device.
  • You must use a unique X1ID file for each different removable drive (there are 16 unique files provided in this zip).
  • You might receive a prompt to elevate your permissions in order to save this file

After creating the X1ID file, repeat steps 1 - 3a (above)


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