Incompatibility with X1 and Backup Applications

We have determined that there are known issues with backup programs such as Connected Data Protector. There are two work-arounds available:

     1. Configure your backup program to NOT backup the directory where the X1 index files are stored (for Connected  
         Data Protector users this may mean that you need to contact your support representative and have them make this
         configuration change for you.) The default location for the "X1 Desktop Search" folder is:

         C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\X1 Desktop Search

         Where <username> is the login name of the currently logged in user.                                                                                        
Above is the preferred method of resolving this issue and we've received confirmation from several large customers that this does work.

     2. As an alternative you could shut down X1 completely using File > Exit before running any backup software. This  
         solution should avoid the problem altogether, but is not feasible for some customers.


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