Files Post Search Actions

After finding files and documents, Post Search Actions (PSAs) allow you to send by email, open the containing folder, or delete the file, without leaving the X1 Professional Client.  


To act upon a File, select the File in your Results List, and refer to the icons above the Preview Pane:



Open opens the selected file

Send by Email creates an Outlook or Lotus Notes message with selected attachments.

Print prints the selected files or attachments.

Add to Zip loads a zip folder containing the selected files or attachments.

Delete deletes the File, and places the item in the Recycle Bin, as though you deleted the File from Windows Explorer.

Go to Folder opens the folder where the file or document is saved.

Copy to Directory copies the selected messages to any directory.

Properties provides insight into the file or attachments properties and metadata

Or, right click on the item:



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