Add a PST File Directly to X1

To index PST files that are not loaded into any Outlook profiles (see below * to determine if a PST is already loaded into Outlook), please follow the steps below: 

1. Click on Tools > Options > Email > Outlook



2. Click on the "Select Folders To Scan" button 


3. Click the "Add PST File(s) button to launch the folder selection window


You only need to add PST files directly to X1 if they are not already loaded into your default Outlook profile. 

To determine if a PST is already loaded into Outlook, open Outlook and if the PST file is listed in your folder tree, then it is already loaded. You can also open Outlook and click on File > Data File Management to see PST files already loaded into Outlook. 

Please Note: Adding the same PST file for both Outlook AND X1 will create conflicts. 


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