Is Outlook Affecting X1 Performance?

Nearly all applications tend to slow down in performance the longer they've been left running. Outlook is susceptible to performance problems if running for extended periods of time. To correct, we recommend that, at least once a week, you either:

     1. Restart Outlook (see below) or
     2. Restart your computer

You can restart Outlook by clicking on the File > Exit menu item in Outlook. After shutting down Outlook, we recommend that you wait at least one minute for Outlook to properly close before relaunching. To verify that Outlook has shut down properly:

     1. Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete, choose Task Manager)
     2. Click the Processes tab
     3. Sort by the Image Name column
     4. Verify the the outlook.exe process is not listed

After verifying that the outlook.exe process is not running, launch Outlook.


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