Indexing PSTs

There are two methods of adding your PST files to your X1 index. 

1. X1 will automatically index PST files that you have added to:

  • your default Outlook/Exchange profile, plus
  • all PST files added to any other non-exchange profile


2. Index PST files directly through X1. If you would like to index the PST file without adding it to Outlook, please head to:  


     (1) Navigate to the Options window by selecting Tools>Options.


     (2) From the Indexing Options page select Email > Outlook > Select Folders to Scan 


     (3) From the Folder Selection screen, select the Add PST File(s) button

(4) From the Windows Explorer windows, select the PST files you wish to index and click 'Open'

     (5) The selected .PST files will populate in the Folder Selection screen. Make sure there are green check boxes next to the PST files and click 'OK'

Please note
: PST files only allow one connection at a time, so make sure that you use only one of the methods above to add a PST file.


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