Outlook Post Search Actions

We understand that it is not enough to quickly find the emails and attachments in your Outlook account, but you need to act on them as well. X1 Professional Client's Post Search Actions (PSAs) allow you to Reply to, Forward and even Delete emails, without leaving X1.


New opens Outlook and creates a new email message window.

Open loads the original message in Outlook.

Send by Mail creates an Outlook message with selected attachments.

Print prints the selected message or attachment.

Add to Zip loads a zip folder containing the selected messages.

Schedule a Meeting opens a new Outlook Meeting Invitation, populated by the author of the selected message.

Delete removes the message.

Reply opens an Outlook message to the selected email author.

Reply All opens an Outlook message to all email message recipients.

Forward opens Outlook with the original message in a window.

Go to Folder opens the folder where the selected messages are located.

Copy to Directory copies the selected messages to any directory.

Move to Folder places the message in an Outlook folder

Copy to places a duplicate message in an Outlook folder

Mark Read marks unread message as read.

Mark Unread marks read message as unread.

The Outlook PSAs are also available by right clicking on an item in the Results Pane.


Also, please remember you can work on multiple items at once. by holding CTRL and selecting multiple items.



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    Joe Price

    This does not work on my PC.  X1 hangs for about 30 seconds or so and no file opens erc.

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    Joe Price

    Same for me.  I have reported it but no one is working on it.

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    Joe Price

    Same for me.  I have reported it but no one is working on it.   Makes it somewhat difficult to use the app.

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    Michael Devin

    Hi Joe,


    When you say the Outlook Post Search Actions, are you referring to our current released version? Or the Pro 7 beta?

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