Using Mac Parallels with X1

X1 Professional Client is not supported by any Mac OS versions, however, using a third-party virtual PC application such as Parallels to partition your Mac harddrive to support the Windows OS makes searching your Mac files from X1 possible.


1) To set up your index to search your Mac files, navigate to Tools>Options and select Files under the Indexing selection to the left of the Basic Options menu.





2) Choose the "Select Files to Scan..." (highlighted above) to bring up the File Indexing Options. X1 users with only one native harddrive will notice a c: drive at the left. If you're running a virtual program like Parallels, the folder list will include a z: drive containing your Mac files.





3) Expand the z: folder and specify which files to include or exclude from your X1 Professional Client index. Choose OK to confirm your selections.



Please Note: Your Mac files will populate the index after the next scheduled indexing cycle. To manually begin an indexing cycle and populate your index immediately, choose the "Index Files now" button in the Files Indexing menu shown in Step 1. 




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