Searching Your Dropbox Folder with the X1 Professional Client

Once you've configured your X1 Professional Client to index your Dropbox files, you can search your Dropbox information exclusively and save search results to recall later.


When you have your Files search selected, search "Dropbox" in the "Path" refine column to narrow your search results to Dropbox folder contents only.








To save Dropbox search results choose the "Save Search As" button to the right of the general search field. 






Name the search in the Save As menu, and choose OK to add it as a search in the all searches list to the left of the X1 Professional Client interface.

    _103__Save_As_Menu_for_Dropbox.png                   After Choosing OK                     _104__Dropbox_in_All_Searches.png

Drag-and-Drop "Dropbox" from All Searches to the Favorite Searches list directly above to add the "Dropbox" selection to the Favorites Toolbar.



Please Note: You can always add new search criteria to saved searches.




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