Searching Multiple Exchange Profiles

X1 can only index one (1) Exchange profile at a given time. 

If you have multiple profiles with Exchange accounts, X1 will work with the default Exchange profile (or the profile you are currently logged in with) and ignore all other Exchange profiles. If you log into multiple Exchange profiles, the most common problem occurs when you are logged into a different Exchange profile than the one indexed by X1. When this happens, you will be unable to preview any of your previously indexed email.

If you need to change which Exchange profile you wish to index with X1, you will need to clear your index first as X1 does not recognize when the default Outlook profile has changed. 
1. The default profile is defined in the Start menu > Control Panel > Mail


2. Select "Show Profiles" section.

3. The dropdown box for the option to "Always use this profile" sets the default profile. If this is usually grayed out (because you have chosen to be prompted to select a profile) - select "Always use this profile", change the profile to your desired default profile, and return to the option to be prompted for a profile - the default profile will be what is listed in the grayed out box. 



If you need to index multiple Exchange mailboxes on the same server, it may be best to create 1 profile for Outlook. Outlook allows you to connect to other Exchange mailboxes on the same server in 1 profile.
1. To index these additional mailboxes in the same profile, go to Tools > Options > Email > Outlook and uncheck "ignore public folders" and additional mailboxes.
2. Once these settings is unchecked, click on "Apply" and then go to the "Select Folders To Scan" for Outlook and you should see the additional mailboxes available for indexing.


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