X1 Columns Supported for Each Data Type

Each of the X1 columns in the results pane works for certain data types (Email, Files, Contacts, or Attachments). So, you may not see any data under specific columns. The chart below details the columns associated with specific data types.

X1 Columns


FILES (fromdrives)

Anniversary   Yes      
Archive Type          
Assistant   Yes      
Attachments Yes Yes      
BCC Yes        
Birthday   Yes      
Business Address   Yes      
Categories Yes Yes      
CC Yes        
Client Yes Yes   Yes  
Company   Yes      
Completed Yes        
Contacts   Yes      
Date Created     Yes    
Date/Time Yes   Yes Yes  
Delivery Receipt Requested Yes        
Department   Yes      
Email Address   Yes      
2nd Email Address   Yes      
3rd Email Address   Yes      
Expiration Yes        
File As   Yes      
Flag Text Yes        
Flags     Yes    
Folder Name Yes Yes   Yes  
Folder Path Yes Yes   Yes  
From Yes     Yes  
Home Address   Yes      
Home Phone   Yes      
IM Address   Yes      
Importance Yes Yes      
Indexing Status     Yes    
Job Title   Yes      
Manager   Yes      
Mobile Phone   Yes      
Name   Yes Yes Yes  
Nickname   Yes      
Office   Yes      
Other Address   Yes      
Owner   Yes      
Pager   Yes      
Path     Yes    
Personal Webpage   Yes      
Profession   Yes      
Profile/PST Yes Yes   Yes  
Read Yes        
Read Receipt Requested Yes        
Reminder Yes        
Reply To Yes        
Sensitivity Yes Yes      
Size Yes   Yes Yes  
Source Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Spouse   Yes      
Subject Yes     Yes  
To Yes     Yes  
Type Yes   Yes Yes  
Webpage   Yes      
Work FAX   Yes      
Work Phone   Yes      


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