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If you find yourself repeatedly running the same search within any of the data sources or views, you should create a Saved Search.

For instance: let's say you are in the midst of contract negotiations with a potential customer (ACME corp). Throughout the negotiations you and ACME Corp exchange countless emails and contract drafts. So many in fact that you find yourself searching for them in X1 Pro several times a week!


This is the ideal case for a Saved Search. Within your Outlook source create a saved search by doing the following:


1. Enter your search terms in the.general search field and/or refining columns. In this case, enter 'Annual Report' in the General Search Field and your name in the 'From' column--as you are always looking through your Sent emails to ACME Corp.--to see where the negotiations left off.

2. Select File>Save Search As


3. Displaying a 'Save As' dialog box, and enter  your search name and description (optional), then click 'Ok'.



4. Your Saved Search will appear under the All Searches View. 


Your newly saved search will be added to the All Searches list. When you choose a Saved Search from your All Searches list, the results pane will immediately populate with matching hits.

Please feel free to refine the Results List as needed by adding additional parameters or terms.  Hitting the Clear button, will clear out any refinements you have made and leave the results for the Saved Search.


If the All Searches pane is not already visible, make it visible by clicking on View > Searches Pane.


If you would like your new search to your Favorites Toolbar along the top of the X1 User Interface, simply drag the search from the All Searches list, to the Favorite Searches list; or right-click on the search and select Add to Favorite Searches.



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