How do I add/remove and change the order of my columns?

There are many different ways people remember, and search, for information. So, X1 Search offers multiple columns to help you further define and narrow your results to quickly locate the information you need.

Not all of the Files source columns display by default, but can be exposed (and reordered) by following the steps below.

Adding/Removing a Column

   1. Right click on the Column Header of any of the exposed columns.



2. When the menu appears, select 'Columns', displaying two lists - 'Available Columns' on the left and 'Visible  

     Columns' on the right.


   3. Highlight the column(s) you wish to add by clicking on the column name, then use the Add_Column.png button to move

        the column to the 'Visible Columns' list.


To remove a column, select the column name from the 'Visible Columns' and click Remove_Column.png.


Change Column Order:

To change column order, highlight the column you want to move, and use the Column_Up.png to move the column up, and Column_Down.png to move the column down. 

The Visible Columns list displays the columns with Top-Down=Left-Right. So, the column name listed at the top of the Visible Column list will be the farthest left column in your X1 display.

Please note: Beyond the steps above, you can also drag and drop columns from one list to another, or within the list to reorder them.



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