Searching Dropbox

X1 Search can index the contents of your Dropbox folder. If you have the Dropbox desktop application loaded onto your PC, configure your X1 Search client Files source to search your local Dropbox information as fast as you can type.

(1) Navigate to Main Menu located on the top left of the user interface.



(2) Select Data Sources from the Main menu list.



(3) Select the gear icon corresponding to Files to edit your Files source.



(4) Locate your Dropbox folder in the folder selection menu:



(5) Now that you have selected the Dropbox folder for indexing, the results will populate during Search's next scheduled indexing cycle. If you would like to run an index immediately, select the 'Scan Now' button corresponding to Files on the Data Sources menu.



(6) You can isolate your search to ONLY files located in your Dropbox folder by typing 'Dropbox' into the Path refine column. If you frequently search your Dropbox folder, click 'Save As' and name the search 'DropBox', so it will populate on your Source List 



(7) Also, right-click and select Add to Favorites to add Dropbox to your favorites toolbar







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