Add/Remove Columns

It is easy to add, remove, or rearrange columns in your X1 Search 8 Results List. First, we describe how to add and remove columns, then cover changing the order the columns appear. 

Add/Remove Columns:

  1. Right clicking on any column name launches the Column Chooser menu, and select 'Choose Columns'.

    Outlook - Choose Columns.jpg

  2. When the menu appears, select ‘Columns’, displaying ’Available Columns’ and ‘Visible Columns’ lists.

     Outlook - Column Chooser.jpg

  3. Highlight column name(s) in the 'Available Columns' list, then click Add_Column.png to add to your  ‘Visible Columns’.

  4. Verify that the column name appears in the Visible Columns list, and click 'OK'.

    To remove a column, select the column name from the Visible Columns and click Remove_Column.png


Change Column Order

To change the order in which columns display, highlight the column you want to move, and use  Column_Up.png  to move the column up, and Column_Down.png to move the column down. 

The Visible Columns list displays the columns with Top-Down=Left-Right. So, the column name listed at the top of the Visible Column list will be the farthest left column in your X1 Search 8 display.

Please note: You can also drag and drop columns from one list to another, or within the list, to reorder them.



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