How do I change X1 Search's Preview Pane orientation?

By default, the X1 Search Preview Pane displays on the right, but can be set to display below your results list, or hidden entirely.

To change the Preview Pane orientation, select  Menu_Icon_Only.jpg > Preview Pane.


If you have X1 Search set to the default right-hand display, the two options available will be 'Bottom' and 'Off'. Select your desired option to change the display. 


Selecting "Bottom" previews the selected item below the Results List:



Setting the Preview Pane to "Off" displays only the Results List. Double-click any result to open the item:


 Your selection will update immediately, so feel free to try out the different views!

Please note: You can alter the Preview Pane by data source. So, if you prefer no preview when searching files, simply turn it off with the steps above, and it will still be available for your other sources. 


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