X1 Search Indexing Options

Navigate to Main Menu located on the top left of the user interface.



Select Options from the Main menu list.



 Storage Location controls where you store your X1 Search index, as well as deleting your index.



Indexing Options


Ignore accents in characters will search only for the recognized characters, disregarding additional accents.

Allow Indexing when on battery power option allows your designated indexing schedule for all of your Configured Sources to continue even when your computer is not plugged into a power source.

By default, X1 will not index when on battery power, as X1 indexing can be a resource intensive process, and you may want to conserve your computer’s remaining power until you plug into a power source!


Indexing Priority


Never delay indexing if PC is in use allows X1 to index whether or not you are using your machine. This is the most aggressive approach because regardless of how many resources you are using, if X1 is scheduled to index it will take resources and update your index. This approach is suggested for people that have frequently changing indexes.

Delay indexing up to 'X' minutes if PC is in use causes X1 to pause indexing if you are using your machine. However, X1 will only wait for the selected time. So, if you select 30 minutes, X1 will check to index and stop if you are using your machine. After 30 minutes, X1 will check back, and even if you are using your machine, it will proceed to index.

Always delay indexing if PC is in use is the least aggressive approach, never allowing X1 to index if you are using your machine. However, if you do not use your machine for 20 seconds minimum, and it is time for X1 to index the data sources based on the Scheduling Options for each data source, X1 will proceed to index. Once the indexing process has begun, X1 will not stop or delay indexing if you decide to use your computer again. This is to avoid corruption on the index files. If you need to safely pause indexing at any moment, simply click on the Pause button for the data source.

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