Customizing Files configuration settings

X1 Search allows you to search the contents of documents saved on your local machine, or saved in a folder stored on your company network, so you can quickly locate critical information.  After efficiently drilling down to the file you need, click the result to open the file in its’ native format.

Changing your Files Settings:

 To change your default settings Files, please navigate to the Files Options panel. Access the panel by following the steps below:

1. Select Menu>Data Sources



2. Select the pencil icon corresponding to Files



3. Select folders for X1 to index from the folder hierarchy on the left, using the carets to expand or collapse folders.



In addition to your local files, X1 is capable of indexing remote content stored on your network, such as mapped Network Drives and Network Shares.Network Drives/Network Shares: 

4. To add a network path, select the Add Network Path then enter the UNC path:


  • Set how deeply X1 indexes each item or folder with the radio buttons on the right.
  • You should be aware that for many companies, Network folders can contain deep tree structures with Terabytes of content. If you choose to index the wrong folder you may tie up your system resources unintentionally.
  • Indexing remote files over a network connection takes longer to index then local content. Additionally indexing network content impacts your networks bandwidth.
  • As a best practice, you will probably want to limit the volume of data you index over the network.

 Mapped Drives:

 If you have created any mapped network drive letters, by default the mapped network drive displays in the Folder Selection list (below your primary local drive).Click on the drive letter to expand the folder hierarchy. Just as with your local drive, you can precisely define the folders containing content you want to index, while ignoring the content you don’t need or want to search.

5. To designate specific file types for indexing, from the Files Options menu, please select 'Specify File Types'


From the Specify File types menu, you can select and deselect file types for indexing. If you decide you want to start from scratch, simply click the 'Revert to Default' settings button.


As the menu indicated immediately above, changes will not take effect until the next scheduled indexing cycle, or if you run a manual index update. 


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