What is the maximum file size for a document indexed by X1 Search?

By default, 30MB is the maximum file size for content indexing. The maximum file size for content indexing is 100MB and we recommend not adjusting the setting any higher than necessary for X1 to capture your files for content indexing.

X1 Search allows you to increase or decrease the maximum file size.

To increase/decrease maximum file size:

1. Navigate to Menu>Data Sources



2. Select the pencil icon corresponding to Files, to edit the Files settings



3. From the Files Options screen, use the Up and Down arrows to increase or decrease the maximum File size.



While we understand that you may need to index larger documents, there are a few things to consider regarding what files you select for indexing and where the content is located:

  •      Your available disc space
  •      Where is the file located? Files pulled from a Network Folder or Network File Share take longer to index and could affect network performance 


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