What if I don’t see my search terms?

X1 Search indexes the content of your emails, attachments, files, SharePoint data, and IMAP email. As-fast-as-you-type search terms, X1 finds all instances of those terms within your configured sources (emails, documents, etc.). Because of the robust nature of X1 Search, you may not immediately see how a file or document relates to your term. 

If you select the file from the list on the left, a preview of the document will appear in the Preview Pane on the right with the search term(s) highlighted. Take a closer look and you will quickly find that the email, file, or SharePoint document contains the search term(s) entered. 

Beyond content, X1 indexes file attributes (file name, subject, etc) in your search results. So, the results you see may not have the search term in the content of the file but in one of the file attributes. Reference the columns at the top of the results list for highlighted hits.


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