Add SharePoint or SharePoint 365 sites

To add SharePoint to sites to X1 Search, please follow the steps below:

  1. Please head to Menu>Data Sources

    Menu - Data Sources.jpg 

  2. From the  Configured Data Sources menu, please select the SharePoint icon from 'Available Data Sources':

    Adding Data Sources 2.jpg
  3. On the SharePoint site menu; enter information in the corresponding fields.

    Name: What you want to name the site
    Site URL: Include the SharePoint site URL
    Domain: What domain is the SharePoint site on?
    User name: SharePoint username
    Password: SharePoint password



Please note: If you are logged in via web browser or otherwise, you can select Logged-in user and bypass the remaining authentication process. You do not need to enter your login credentials using this method:



For SharePoint 365 users, the above instructions apply, but please make sure to select the SharePoint 365 option under 'Basic Authentication' instead of NTLM Authentication:




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