X1® Search 8 Debuts, Ushering in Next Generation Search for Standard and Virtual Desktops

Fully virtualized desktop productivity software displays search results across email, files, SharePoint, cloud-based data and webmail from a single, unified interface

PASADENA, Calif. -- (May 7, 2013) -- X1®, provider of the leading desktop productivity application that can instantly locate information as fast-as-you-type, today announced its next generation product, X1 Search 8. The newest version of X1’s flagship product features an enhanced, highly intuitive interface to better support the patented X1fast-as-you-type search of email and files, and now also searches SharePoint and cloud data from a standard desktop client, or a first-in-class, light footprint, “thin” client architected for to seamlessly support virtualized desktops.

Despite popular discussion of today’s “information economy” and resulting information overload, today’s professionals lack a tool to effectively manage their information. Employees face a daily struggle locating critical information, frequently making decisions based on imperfect and incomplete data, or even worse, recreating work.  

“X1 Search saves us countless hours of wasted time searching and not finding things. We love the product. Neither Windows Search nor any other product we have tried comes anywhere close to the features, speed or accuracy of X1”, said Ron Nocket, Senior Systems Analyst at Tyco Electronics. 

In addition to new functionality in the release, X1 Search’s thin client recognizes the desktop virtualization trend, aligning with IT goals to consolidate desktop resources, providing the customization and flexibility necessary for a distributed workforce. X1 Search’s “thin”, virtual client leverages and maintains X1’s traditional, best-in-class user experience, with the indexing service decoupled from the user interface and virtualized. This game-changing capability uniquely provides a robust search experience, which is often otherwise not possible in virtual desktop environments.  

“While business professionals are rapidly adopting virtualized desktop and hybrid cloud environments, traditional search applications simply cannot support such architectures,” said John Patzakis, CEO of X1. “X1 Search 8 changes the game by providing a very fast and highly intuitive user experience to both the virtual and traditional desktop.”

Product highlights include:

  • Unified search across Outlook items, files, SharePoint data and webmail
  • Compatible with both standard and virtual desktops
  • Patented fast-as-you-type search with Boolean, proximity and keyword searching
  • Preview over 500+ file types in native format
  • Post Search Actions: Open, edit, email, SharePoint "check-in" (coming soon) and more, without leaving X1
  • Includes Microsoft Outlook 64 bit support
  • Robust search extended to enterprise content via connection  to X1’s Rapid Discovery Enterprise Server
  • Webmail Search: In addition to indexing Outlook, SharePoint and local files, X1 Search combs through Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL Mail accounts
  • Enhanced Indexing Engine: Ensures that users can find emails and files faster than ever
  • Redesigned user interface: Provides a more intuitive, streamlined experience


X1 Search is available from per user starting at $49.95.




About X1

X1 ( was founded in 2003 with a singular mission: to simplify and enhance the way we search for data, so people can actually find and act upon what they need, when they need it.

Whether looking for emails, files, attachments, or information scattered across networked servers and document management systems—millions turn to X1 for our patented1 fast, accurate, and powerful search. No other search application displays unified, comprehensive results across a variety of critical applications, along with integrated application specific post-search actions, all from a unified interface. And, unlike free and limited function search products, X1 proves its robust capabilities through support of over 500 file types and applications.

X1 customers range from individual users and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, where we have implemented tens of thousands of licenses. Combined with our innovative content connectors, our unparalleled search capabilities not only help our customers eliminate the wait for results, but also enhance the ability to find and act on the right data, right away. As a result, X1 customers see dramatic improvements in productivity that ultimately leads to greater efficiency and business value.

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