How do I deactivate my Search license so I can move it to another machine?

If you would like to install X1 Search on a different computer from which it is currently installed, you will need to deactivate the current license. To deactivate, please follow the steps below:

  1. On the computer you wish to deactivate, access X1 Search and click Menu > License > Deactivate


  2. You will receive a confirmation dialog verifying that you would like to deactivate. To continue, press OK; otherwise, press Cancel.


  3. On the old computer, choose whether or not to uninstall X1 Search from Control Panel > Programs and Features.

  4. On the new computer, install and then activate X1 Search, using the X1 Search installer and your License ID and Password combination.


If you need to download the installer to your new machine, log into your X1 support portal at You log into the portal with your email and your X1 Support Portal password. If you have forgotten your password to the portal, use the Forgot Password link that appears in the Log In window to have X1 send your password to your email address.


Once inside the portal, click on the appropriate link located in the lower, left-hand corner (ex: 'X1 Search 8' or '6.7.4 Client').

If needed, you can find your X1 Search license pair for activation here as well by clicking the 'Your Products' tab of the portal.


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