Are there keyboard shortcuts in X1 Search?

Yes! With the release of version 8.4 you are now able to use the below keyboard shortcuts to assist navigating the X1 Search UI: 

Ctrl+S - Update Search
Esc - Clear Search
Del, Shift+Del - Delete (Files, Outlook, Imap) (also Y or N to confirm deletion)
Ctrl+F - Forward (Outlook, Imap)
Ctrl+G - Goto Folder (Outlook)
Ctrl+Shift+V - Move (Outlook)
Ctrl+N - New (Outlook, Imap)
Ctrl+R - Reply (Outlook, Imap)
Ctrl+Shift+R - Reply All (Outlook, Imap)
Ctrl+U - Mark Unread (Imap)
Ctrl+Shift+U - Mark Read (Imap)

**You may use the above shortcuts when the search view indicated in the corresponding parentheses is selected (Files, Outlook, Imap).

The following shortcuts are also available to access the X1 Search Main Menu items:

Ctrl+Alt+D - Open Data Sources Menu
Ctrl+Alt+O - Open Options Menu

Ctrl+Alt+H - Open X1 Search Online Help (
Ctrl+Alt+A - Open About X1 Search Window

Ctrl+Alt+R - Change Preview Pane View to Right
Ctrl+Alt+B - Change Preview Pane View to Bottom
Ctrl+Alt+F - Change Preview Pane View to Off


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